Solar Cell Tester

The system is used to test solar cell IV properties, mainly for sample testing purpose and used offline. Compatible of 4BB and 5BB solar cells testing, testing area up to 160mm. The system meet AAA or A+A+A+ standards.

Technical parameters

Illumination area 160x160mm 160x160mm
Light Irradiance 700-1200W/㎡ 700-1200W/㎡
Spectral Dis-match 0.75-1.25, A 0.875-1.125, A+
Instability of Irradiance <2%, A <1%, A+
Non-Uniformity of Irradiance <2%, A <1%, A+
Repeatability 0.5% 0.5%
Measurement Range Voltage 1/10/50/100 Current 0.25/1/2.5/10A Voltage 0-1V Current 0-0.25A/1A/5A/12.5A
Pulse Duration 10ms 10-150ms
Electricity AC220-240V,10A,50/60 HZ AC220-240V,10A,50/60 HZ
Special Function Reverse Current test, 4/5 BB solar cell Reverse Current test, 4/5 BB solar cell