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Job Description
Graduate from Full-time College; healthy, positive, full of team spirit, and has strong ability to study, to adapt to the environment, to bear frustration and antistress. Work carefully and eager for learning. Good team cooperation and good communication skills.
Five one insurance fund; Five days 8hours of duty, annual vacation, holiday welfare, birthday gift, communal meal, annual travel, annual physical check, total 13 month salary, end bonus, etc.
Job Description
1. Image processing(Open CV).
2. Master the c/c++, familiar with the MFC development, standard code style.
3. Maintain the present test program, and modify the program based on the requirement.
4. Be responsible for the development of the new project program module, experimental test and prototype review, etc.
5. Communicating with the project leader, to analyzing and solve the problem in software.
6. Provide the technical support to other departments.
Job Description
1. Be responsible for the mechanical structure design and work drawings for the new product/new technologies.
2. Be responsible for the technologies improvement and update to the existing product.
3. Instructing and training the workers to solve the production relative problems.
4. Analyzing the quality problem of the product both on the line and after sale.
5. Communicating with the project leader, to analyzing and solve the various problems.
6. Finishing other assigned tasks.
Job Description
1. At least 2-years experience in the product development, have the ability to complete the design and debug of the hardware, component selection and testing.
2. Proficient in the digital analog circuit, familiarusing the ORCAD, PADS, or other CAD software to design the schematic and PCB.
3. Have those qualities:responsible and conscientious, clear mind, willing to study, think hard, modest and honest , and have s good team spirit and psychology, as well as a positive outlook in life.
Job Description
1. Exploring the market: responsible for product sales and the develop the regional market.
2. Find new customers: sales need to find new customers or the potential customers.
3. Gathering the news of the competitors, and following the customers development.
4. In order to achieve the transaction, sales need to contact the customers on behalf of the company, introduce the product’s function, and provide the technical support and quotation sheet to customers.
Job Description
1. Complete the purchasing plan, following and tracing the purchase.
2. Response for service supplier reconciliation, payout, invoice collection.
3. Deal with the rejected damage material, and set up the supplier file.
Outsourcing purchaser responsibility:
Response for outsourcing processing tasks, and the local and outside procurement; deal with the rejected material of the local and outside procurement; set up and maintain the purchasing database; develop new suppliers.
Job Description
1. Investigate market and competitor’s dynamic.
2. Understand the new technology, policies, regulations and others.
3. Keep in touch with the main customers, and support the sales to develop new markets and customers.
4. Take part in the various market research, and give feedback after the collected information sorting, filtering, assist to improve the product and technology.
5. Working with the department to make preparation for the exhibitions, advertising and commercial activities.
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